Tenable Announces Agreement To Acquire CNAPP Vendor Ermetic

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Why is Tenable making this investment?
  • Following completion, this acquisition will augment and accelerate our end-to-end CNAPP capabilities for multi-cloud environments to Tenable’s capabilities.
  • This is a customer demand driven acquisition. As we have grown our standalone cloud and Tenable One cloud customer base we have developed deep relationships and an understanding of what their ongoing needs are.
  • The highly-intuitive user interface, and elegant integration across the different CNAPP use cases, enables our customers to better understand, prioritize and reduce risk. This unified cloud view will make it easy for security professionals of all cloud expertise levels to spot and quickly address risks.
  • To bring state of the art cloud infrastructure entitlement management “CIEM” technology to our cloud solution.
  • Mindshare: Ermetic’s strong team has extensive cloud security experience. We look forward to working with them to expand our offering even further.
What does Ermetic do?
  • Ermetic’s CNAPP is a unified and agentless solution that automates asset discovery, risk analysis, accelerated remediation and compliance. Elegant user experience minimizes complexity and speeds adoption.
  • Ermetic solved one of the toughest problems in cloud security - identity and entitlements - first. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing human and service identities for cloud infrastructure.
  • Ermetic visualizes all identities and entitlements and reveals toxic combinations, such as privileged access to publicly-exposed vulnerable workloads and uses automated analysis to reveal and prioritize risks.
Why is this solution important to Tenable?
  • Identity based threats are a major issue. Cloud complexity – including identity sprawl and layers of policies that often change – makes understanding access risk and permissions extremely difficult.
  • Following completion, we expect the acquisition of Ermetic will accelerate Tenable’s ability to address these complex issues and increase Tenable’s leadership position in the Cloud Security market
    • Ermetic provides extensive CNAPP capabilities, significantly enhancing Tenable’s offering specifically in Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) where Ermetic excels and is a leading vendor.
How does this accelerate your cloud roadmap?
  • We intend to combine the best technology from Ermetic and our existing Tenable Cloud Security product going forward to maximize value for our customers.
  • Our cloud security product has strong agentless assessment and infrastructure as code, some CSPM and container registry scanning. Ermetic adds unified, elegantly integrated CNAPP, market-leading CIEM, strong CSPM and integrated workflows.
Why is Tenable uniquely positioned to win in the cloud security market?
  • Unified CNAPP - a unified and agentless solution that automates asset discovery, risk analysis, accelerated remediation and compliance. From shift-left infrastructure as code security to agent-based and agentless assessment for runtime environments, broad CNAPP capabilities will be delivered via an elegant user experience that minimizes complexity and speeds adoption.
  • Powerful CIEM - a comprehensive solution for managing human and service identities for cloud infrastructure. It visualizes all identities and entitlements, using automated analysis to reveal and prioritize risks.
  • Context-aware risk prioritization - context across all cloud and on-premises resources, including workloads, identities and data. Enhanced exposure management will extend visibility across the hybrid, multi-cloud attack surface.
  • Simplified remediation - guidance on and automation of the remediation process that enables organizations to make rapid improvements in their security posture.
Will Ermetic be integrated into the broader Tenable One offering?
  • Yes, we expect it will accelerate our cloud security roadmap both on a standalone basis and for Tenable One.
  • The unified data model we have been building makes integrating 3rd parties easier which should make this acquisition a more seamless integration into Tenable One.
Is it the same buyer? What is your go-to-market strategy?
  • Yes, the same buyer that is currently purchasing our standalone cloud security offering and our unified exposure management offering, Tenable One.
  • This acquisition provides an elegantly unified CNAPP platform with powerful CIEM functionality for our global sales organization and distribution partners. Further, this acquisition creates a compelling upsell opportunity across our 40,000+ customers.
What is the TAM?
  • This acquisition expands our total addressable market to over $30 billion and accelerates our ability to address the $45 billion+ cloud security market. We will discuss our TAM in greater detail in December at our investor day.
What are the terms of the agreement?
  • Tenable will acquire Ermetic for approximately $240 million in cash and $25 million in restricted stock and RSUs, subject to customary purchase price adjustments.
  • The acquisition is expected to close early in the fourth quarter 2023, subject to customary closing conditions.
  • Tenable expects to fund the cash portion of the purchase price with existing cash.
What is the impact on your 2023 outlook?
  • Ermetic’s financial results in the fourth quarter of 2023 are not expected to be material to revenue and calculated current billings. Non-Gaap operating expenses are expected to increase by $4-$6 million and EPS is expected to decrease by 6 to 8 cents, assuming the issuance of 1.4 million shares of restricted stock and restricted stock units for a portion of the purchase price consideration as well as retention related awards. Consistent with prior practice, we exclude acquisition-related expenses from our non-GAAP results. Unlevered free cash flow in the fourth quarter is expected to be reduced by $14-$16 million, which includes $10-$12 million of acquisition-related expenses and forgone interest income.
What do you expect the impact to be for 2024?
  • For 2024, Ermetic is expected to contribute approximately two percentage points of growth to calculated current billings and approximately one point of revenue growth. For the full year, non-GAAP income from operations is expected to decrease by $5 to $10 million. Unlevered free cash flow in 2024 is expected to decrease by $10-$15 million. We expect the transaction to be breakeven in Q4’24 for both non-GAAP income from operations and unlevered free cash flow.

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